Development Objectives

The Center for Accounting Studies, a subordinate unit directly under Xiamen University, whose research work is under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Education's Social and Political Department, is an independent research institute co-founded by Accounting Division of Ministry of Finance and Xiamen University. Focusing on frontier areas of the national economic construction and practice of the major issues, the center widely employed first-class accounting experts from home and abroad, working together on the national accounting scientific research, personnel training, academic exchanges and advisory services, to build the center a national first-class arts key research base.

(A) Strengthen the sense of reform, realize innovation of management system

The center applied the policy of full appointment according to the principles of stability, openness and liquidity. It strictly implemented the sound cycle of operation, of which “the researcher brings research funds into the center, and leave when the projects have been completed”, and the security of tenure for part-time researchers and full-time researcher were both broken. The implementation of the principle of stability will ensure a relatively stable environment of research area, to maximize the advantages of Xiamen University in the accounting discipline and character. With the implementation of the principle of openness and fluidity, the center will ensure the operation of high efficiency, high-level scientific research, academic status and the effects of radiation in the country and the impact on the international.
Center will build the mechanism of open institutions, mobile staff, joint between both inside and outside, competitive and innovative operation through the establishment of the research group researchers’ appointment mechanism and reform of the internal distribution system. While maintaining relatively stable full-time research staff, comprehensive open to domestic and foreign experts and scholars; the center not only committed to absorb this frontier disciplines and innovative talents, but also pay attention to the cooperation with other universities, government agencies and enterprises exchanges; both carried a high level of academic research with more high-quality results, focused on training academic echelon and senior professionals, and will also be actively involved in decision-making consultation of government departments and enterprises.
Center implemented distribution system based on the principle of “pay for post allocation, pay for performance, pay for hard work and high-quality high remuneration”, established and gradually improved the distribution mechanism with incentive function, so that job responsibilities, research, job performance will be closely integrated with real income, to increase working enthusiasm and initiative of full-time research staff and managers , to achieve optimal allocation of resources and the central operation of high efficiency. Both full-time and part-time research staff research will obtain labor, research funding incentive fees, the published research incentive fees, awarding achievements supporting incentive fees, teaching class subsidies, consulting service gratuity, post allowance and other subsidies, remuneration and bonuses based on their contributions. Campus, part-time research staff and management personnel will enjoy the basic salary, allowances, subsidies and benefits issued by the university.

(B) Strengthen the quality awareness, engage in high-level research

The Centre will organize major research projects, produce major scientific research output to promote the coordinated development of basic research and applied research, making the overall level of science in national leading position, and enjoying high reputation in the international research field. Our starting point is: correct the position of research, do a good job in three national research projects and core Social Sciences Projects of Ministry of Education.
Proper positioning of research is vital to the development of the center, as well as to the building of national key research base. Centre is currently set up with three research directions: accounting theory and financial accounting, management accounting and corporate finance and auditing. We identified a recent research focus for the research team according to the needs and conditions of the country's economic construction and social development. At present, China's economic reform has entered into a crucial stage, the development of the capital market is also at a crucial stage, there is very urgent need to establish and improve the accounting standard system and strengthen information disclosure and regulation of capital markets, to improve the quality and efficiency of equity capital markets and financial information, deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises and strengthen corporate governance. Therefore, the "accounting and financial accounting theory" research recently focuses on improving corporate financial reporting issues, "Management Accounting and Corporate Finance” research focuses on recent studies in Information Environment Group's corporate financial monitoring mechanism," Auditing, "study recently focused on the direction for auditing technology system of the market economy system and professional standards. 
Center will undertake a regular assessment on research area and research focus in the need of national economic construction and social development, to discover and cultivate new growth point of discipline and make appropriate adjustments. At the same time, it will pay close attention to developments in related disciplines, and actively promote cross-cutting and integrated interdisciplinary research, in order to resolve the problems to be solved during the process of improvement of socialist market economic mechanism, and the major global issues that can’t be solved solely relying on a single discipline of study, provide a theoretical basis, methodological guidance and experience reference for the adjustment of the theoretical development of related disciplines and improvement and adjustment of national macroeconomic policies and improvement of corporate behavior and management method. 
While tackling three national research topics hosted by full-time researchers, the center fully launched the research work for two major topics of research base from January 2001. Currently, the three national topics hosted by full-time research staff are: the National Natural Science Fund Project "Enterprise Equity Investment Management Research Group", National Social Science Fund Project" Comprehensive Countermeasures about Enterprise Accounting Information Fraud Prevention ", " Financial Monitoring Mechanism under Enterprise Information environment . "Research on these topics will laid a solid foundation for the completion of two major issues of their study base.
Two major issues that declared by the center are: "the company's financial reporting issues research" and "Finance and Accounting Issues about Enterprise Group." These two major issues, is the first research issues initiated by center. Therefore, the center will make every effort to track management, and strive to the best results, maximize academic influence, social and economic benefits, reach a demonstration effect. Center will treat major project management as a breakthrough point, improve the management system, increase management efficiency, and perfect team building.

Firstly, the appointment of researchers should be based on the need of research work. The appointment of part-time faculty should on the premise of major research project needs. Appointment of full-time researchers should take presiding over the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects as a basic condition. The centre will implement major research projects open bidding system, and the bidder will be identified by academic committee anonymous evaluation. Center implements the project leader responsible system, and the project leader is entitled to the allocation and use research funds.

Secondly, reform research funding management. Research funds allocated to the subject based on the progress made. The subsequent allocation of funds depends on whether confirmation of the early and mid inspection meet the requirements; if refuse or fail to accept checks, funding will be suspended or reduced depending on the specific circumstances until part of the research funds have been disbursed is returned or the suspension of the appointment. Set aside funds will be allocated after the results identification and acceptance. Research project results evaluation and acceptance is undertaken by the academic committee. Project assessment and acceptance of the situation are the main basis for the reappointment of the project leader and economic distribution.

Thirdly, implement strict examination and acceptance system. On the basis of allocation, posts, task giving, strict project inspection, identification and verification system is implemented, to regularly track the performance of the appointee's assessment, to ensure that research projects completed on schedule according to the quality. Performance Assessment Study is undertaken on approach of parallel implementation of the quantity of output, quality, and academic ethics, and appointee are secretly evaluated annually by the Academic Committee, if necessary, accompanied by peer-reviewed communications. Director of the Centre make a sorting and adjustment for the appointment plan, in order to continuously optimize the research team to improve academic quality and research impact and reputation of the centre.

Fourthly, build first-class academic team. Development is the last word, the team is the key. Class academic team is the prerequisite to build a good national key research base and fruitful results of high-quality. And we must build a pioneering, enterprising and innovation, rigorous academic team. The centre will organize the declaration and implementation of major projects, bringing together leading accounting experts. Meanwhile, focus on training young academic backbone, and actively contact and absorb domestic talents and overseas students through the internet, conferences and other channels. In terms of stability and expansion of the academic team, take advantage of preferential policies given by school, and provide better conditions for the introduction of talent on the basis of self-development.

(C) Strengthen quality awareness, a talent training base function

On the basis of School of Economics and School of Management of Xiamen University, relying on the academic strengths of theoretical economics, applied economics and Business Administration postdoctoral and doctoral level disciplines and extensive social contact as well, with the effects of part-time network radiation personnel, the center strive to achieve a high level of cutting-edge research to graduate high-level training course materials and conversion, develop high-quality expertise, and build a famous talent pool and training base in this field of research, .

Firstly, through in-depth scientific research, the center created and cultivated high-quality first-class academic leaders and academic backbone youth team. The centre will further strengthen the discipline construction and scientific research projects management, follow-up study of frontier problems, establish famous visiting professor positions, undertake frontier knowledge and quantitative research methods training, create and cultivate talents with high political quality, academic leaders and academic backbone youth team with outstanding academic atmosphere superb achievement.

Secondly, educate masters, doctoral, postdoctoral and senior visiting scholars and other senior professionals. The Centre will take advantage of existing teacher teams, continue to do the training work of graduate students and postdoctoral, make every efforts to convert research results into graduate teaching materials and absorbed graduate students to participate in research work of major projects of center. To create conditions for a positive acceptance of senior visiting scholar, and absorbed their participation in the research centers of major projects. In addition, we will conduct short-term research and access to literature to the present post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students.

Thirdly, vigorously carry out training for practitioners. Center intends to take various forms of industry authorities, enterprises and institutions to provide management training courses designed to provide the latest knowledge in this field of research, practical problems in this field of research, and provide ideas and methods to solve practical specific problems. Specific form included short-term face to face, combination of teaching and research, use of organization's network teaching courseware.

(D) Strengthen academic exchanges, improve information infrastructure

Through participation in national development planning in this field of research, coordination of national research activities related to this field of study, organizing national or international conferences, accepting visiting scholars at home and abroad, the establishment of library materials and information networks, and other measures, the centre will create radiation network allover core national universities and research institutions, playing a role as international academic exchange window, become academic exchanges and the National College of intelligence data base. Center plans to hold "International Seminar on financial reporting issues" in the next year, increase the amount of foreign books and subscriptions and raise professional books from foreign and overseas institutions. At the same time, further strengthen the construction of electronic information repository, so that financial, statistical, computing software, network information resources and databases can reach to the domestic advanced level as soon as possible.
The centre will strengthen ties and interaction with academic exchanges and cooperation with the substantive departments and other universities through school part-time researchers. The centre will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with foreign first-class academic class disciplines point, exchange of researchers, collaborative research, development and cooperation of consulting and training projects, organize international conferences, introduce foreign advanced scientific research results, methods and management ideas, expand the international influence of the center and enhance the international status of China's accounting theory and practice. Center intends to receive several foreign experts to give lectures every year and sent at least 3-4 researchers traveling abroad for academic cooperation or exchange. Meanwhile, the center will strengthen ties with international accounting academic and professional organizations, actively participate in international affairs and accounting, and try the best with related research projects and the attendance of international conferences.

(E) Improve advisory services, participation in major decisions

The Centre will take the initiative to undertake the practical application of research departments, in particular subject related with build units in the accounting standard system-building, absorb the real sector staff to participate in group collaborative research, give academic backbone the position of financial advisor or independent directors in practical work department. Thus, the center provided consulting services to all levels of government and enterprises and treated it as an important task, to achieve a fundamental change in thinking and research positions, make efforts to improve the practical problems involved in solving major comprehensive research capacity and ability to participate in major decisions, and become the national well-known think tanks and advisory services base.
The Centre will undertake horizontal applications projects, consulting and training projects and absorb graduate students to research and advisory services, to achieve the combination of "production, study and research". Meanwhile, the center will also strengthen the economic base through consulting, training and fundraising. Center will form a unique network for consulting and training and won a long-term and stable cooperation partner through good reputation and high-quality consulting and training services, thereby forming a strong self-hematopoietic function of sustainable development.