Contemporary Accounting Review was Selected as CSSCI

Source: Updated:2014/09/25/

Academic journal Contemporary Accounting Review (published book on behalf of journal), sponsored by Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University et al., was selected as CSSCI journals (2014-2015) on December 20, 2013.
CSSCI (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index) is the journals’ library consists of 600 kinds of relatively good journals and reports selected from more than 3000 academic journals (including Bulletin) by Nanjing University of China Social Science Research Evaluation Center. They are selected based on the principles and methods of the election determined by Chinese Social Science Citation Index Steering Committee, in accordance with quantitative indicators such as the journal impact factor, the total number of cited times, etc. and approved by the Ministry of Education. Journals in CSSCI are considered by academia as core academic journals.
Contemporary Accounting Review was officially established at 2008, and mainly published the academic thesis about accounting, financial management, audit and other related research which is original and with a reflection of frontier development. There are three columns: “paper”, “review and overseas frontier” and “book review and conference summary”.
The editor Professor Xiaohui Qu, executive editor Professor Yuanlue Fu and other editorial board members sincerely invite scholars at home and abroad to contribute actively, contributing to the theory innovation and practice improvement of Chinese accounting and finance management, supporting the continuous development and the future of our journal in becoming one of the leading academic journals in the field of Chinese accounting and finance management.

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