Management Approach in Office Facilities

Source: Updated:2000/03/18/

In order to strengthen the management of office facilities, improve the efficiency, and to prevent the fault and accident caused by improper operation, we develop these rules.
1. Implement the responsibility system for the usage of equipment. The computer user is responsible for the computer management; the office staff is responsible for management and operation of printer, scanner, and CD burner, and use of projector should be approved by director of center.
2. Meeting room, portable megaphone unified are managed by the office. If you want to use, please make an appointment. 
3. The use of the copy machine shall be in accordance with the operating rules. In case of failure, please inform the office and then deal with it by professional maintenance personnel.
4. If you leave school more than 3 mouths, the computer, keys to lounge and research room all shall be submitted to the office, which is responsible for unified management and allocation.
5. The key to gate, the lounge, and the research room are all issued and registered by the office, please do not reallocate it or hand over it to others.
6. When you leave, please close the air conditioner, fan, computer, light, and window and confirm that all the doors are locked especially gate.

Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University

6 March, 2000