Management Rules of Office Supplies

Source: Updated:2000/03/18/

1. Magnetic card should be used to copy documents in all cases. Whatever documents copied are related to your research and issues, you should use your own card.
2. Magnetic card for full-time researchers is limited to 2,000 times for one year, 1,000 times for part-time researchers. The rest times can go to the next years to use, but this can’t accumulative exceeding three years.
3. Documents for declaring research projects, reporting research award, the central office, external and internal data of the center should be copied by the research secretary together.
4. Whatever documents not related to the center should not be copied in the center.
5. Writing paper, envelopes, and notes should be signed to receive on demand.
6. What is not required in this rule will be prescribed separately. 
Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University
March 6, 2000