Laboratory Using Regulations

Source: Updated:2002/03/18/

To strengthen the management of the office facilities, improve efficiency, eliminate malfunctions and accidents caused by improper operation and keep a good research environment, everyone should consciously abide by the following regulations:
1. In addition to graduate students involved in the center‘s research, the other non-related persons are not free to use the lab for office equipment.
2. Laboratory staffs should follow the office working hours. The person who is in charge of the research group must submit applications to the office if it is necessary to use the lab at night.
3. No smoke indoor and must not throw the peel, paper. Please take the initiative to keep the lab clean.
4. Please consciously take care of the facilities in the lab, to avoid possible damage caused by operation of the facilities.
5. Please keep eyes on personal belongings by yourself and take them with you when leaving the lab.
6. When you leave, please turn off the fan, computer, lights, shut doors and windows and make sure the door is locked.
7. Matters not mentioned shall be separately formulated.
                                 Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University
                                                              March 4th, 2002