Books and Materials Administration Regulations of the Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University

Source: Updated:2002/03/18/

1. The person who can borrow books should be full-time or part-time members of the center and graduate students involved in research projects.
2. There is a limitation that 3 books at most can be borrowed per person. Each book can be borrow for two weeks and extended for one week. But if those deferred ones failure to return in time, they will be suspended borrow qualification for six months. 
3. If loss, you can compensate with the same version of books. If you can not repay the books, please pay in accordance with the following provisions:
(1) The compensation of the lost foreign original books should be more than 10 times of the original price (including 10 times).
(2) The compensation of the lost treasure rare and bindings should be 10-50 times of the original price. Besides:
(3) The compensation of the lost multi-volume books, series of books, part of series of books should be 2-10 times of the volumes’ price if it can be purchase by volumes and 2-20 times of the full value of the series books if not.
(4) The compensation of the lost journals should be 4-25 times of the price by value of one year.
(5) If the compensation of the lost books was still less than 20 after multiple calculating in the table, pay 20 as a result.
4. After compensation, if found the lost book undamaged in three months, you can return the book to center and reclaim the original indemnity of 80% with a receipt.
5. Please take care of books and materials consciously, don’t graffiti, torn pages and damage books. Punctuate, annotate, tear cut and stain books those borrowed, depending on the seriousness of the case, fine 50 percent to 10 times of the book value.
6. Go to the Central Secretariat to handle borrow procedures. Take a book out of the library without authorization and formalities shall be punished as stealing books that should be fined 10 times of the book price plus 50.
This Ordinance shall come into force on March 5th, 2002
                                 Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University
                                                              March 4th, 2002